Welcome to our 11th Year of Camp!

IMG_0072 (1)Foster care is a community responsibility.  We can help!

  • over 11000 children in Oklahoma are in foster care
  • 50% of foster kids are expected to drop out of school
  • 50% of foster kids are unemployed by the age of 21


Partnered with Oklahoma DHS, this summer Acts Community Development will host Harvest Foster Kids Camp, a four-day camp for children ages seven to eleven in Oklahoma County who are in foster care.

There are only three reasons kids get placed in foster care:

  1. They’ve been abandoned
  2. They’ve been neglected
  3. They’ve been abused

Our goal at HFKC is that the kids who walk through our doors beat the grim odds.  By helping them early, we’re helping the community as a whole.

Many kids move constantly from home to home while others carry scars.  (There are camp kids as young as eight who have been in eight homes.)  Camp is a break from life, time with kids who understand their struggles and it gives them tools to build confidence they desperately need.  The fun things they get to do include:

  • Enjoy a huge birthday party with gifts and cake (since they may not celebrate their real birthdays)
  • Crafts, drama, hiking, swimming
  • Shopping at the camp store with “camp bucks” earned for good behavior
  • A royal princess party for the girls and a knighting ceremony for the boys
  • Confidence-building games

But we need your help quickly.

Camp will be held June 2nd to the 5th. That’s not very much time to gather the funds needed.

Without your generous donation, this camp wouldn’t exist. Kids are only able to participate if we get enough donations to sponsor them. Every year, we have more applications than we can accommodate and this year is no exception. We’d like to help as many as these in-need children as we possibly can. See how you can help by reading our HFKC fundraising letter.

For a $350 sponsorship, you can send a foster child to camp! Or, just give what you can.  Rally friends and family, ask a business or anyone you know who will join together to change the life of a local foster child.

This is our 11th summer to host camp and truly change lives. For most, it’s the best week of their life.

Get involved now.  Donate, Volunteer as a Camp Counselor or Register a Camper.

Simply contact us at (405) 348-3509 or info@actscdc.org if you’d like to help or if you have questions.

Harvest Foster Kids Camp is a program under Acts Community Development Corp., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.